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11th September 2019

Heyland Recruitment Top Tips – Candidates


At Heyland Recruitment we have a team of experienced and successful recruitment consultants on hand to help you get the most out your job search. Here are some of our top tips for you when working with a recruitment agency, to help you take the stress out of job hunting.


Perseverance – Staying determined and working hard is so important when job hunting, it’s the determined candidates that go far in their job hunt. It is a very desirable trait, apparent to both the recruitment consultant and company recruiting.


Attitude – Your attitude can be one of your most valuable assets and can often be a huge factor in getting you from being just another applicant to being a standout applicant. Stay positive and show your willingness to work hard and you’ll already be on the way to success.


Research – Make sure you’ve done even just a basic amount of research before your interview. Have a look into the company and their ethos, this could give you an idea of the types of questions they’ll be asking you and will also let you decide if it is the type of company you can see yourself working for. Research the role that you have applied for, if the role is asking for certain skills, ensure that you’re up to date with your knowledge.


Honesty – Tell the consultant what you’re looking for – the things you’re willing to negotiate on and more importantly what you’re not. If the consultant talks to you about a job and you’re not interested, just say, the consultant won’t be offended and will be happier you were honest. Keep lines of communication open and transparent and keep the roles discuss with you confidential if requested! Finally, keeping the consultant up to date with a clear picture of your personal recruitment process will help them and you with your journey.


Integrity – Integrity plays a key part in any recruitment process. Heyland recruitment operate