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23rd March 2021

Financial Year End is upon Us!

I am sure that you will all agree that it has certainly been a year to remember for good and bad reasons.  Fortunately, for Heyland Recruitment, we partner with a loyal and diverse client base which has ensured that the business has remained intact and ready to approach the next financial year with a full team, having managed to retain everybody through these unprecedented times.  We are truly grateful to all the businesses that we work with and will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations in the coming year.

Organisations will have had differing fortunes over the last 12 months however, after speaking with various clients, operating within several different sectors, one thing that everybody seems to agree on is that all businesses have had to become more agile and forced into a different method of operating.  I think even the most “old school” and “adverse to change” business owners/leaders have realised and conceded that there are alternative methods of operating that are just as effective.

What will the normal working week look like moving forward?

Will companies try to get back to 5 days in the office again or will a degree of flexibility of home working be expected, now that it has been proven it works over the last 12 months?

As with all your industries, the #Recruitment industry has also been affected tremendously by the pandemic and I we have already noticed several factors that I want to share that will have an impact on the way you approach the recruitment process moving forward.

Although the perception with some is that candidates are a plenty now because of the last 12 months, this could be no further from the truth, as the reality is that candidates are in high demand and there is still a nervousness around what the next 6 months will bring or look like.

There has certainly been a steady increase over the last 12 months of businesses looking to conduct and exhaust their own internal process before going to agency and although, from a cost perspective and if successful, this is a cost effective solution and is obvious why you would initially try this but, there are also a number of factors behind the scenes which you are probably not aware of which are reducing your chances of securing that perfect candidate for your business.

This is not every internal process and a number businesses will be successful however, the message that we are trying to deliver is that.

“if you need to act quickly and you want more of a chance of securing the ideal candidate, as an agency we are in a strong position as we already have previous knowledge of the candidates and who would be a good fit for your business”.


  • As candidates are very much at a premium, there are several points that I would like to make you aware of to not miss out on the best candidate for your business, whether you are conducting your own internal process or via a recruitment agency.  With candidate’s having multiple opportunities available to them, they do not always go for the best job or business, but the company that did everything right from the start.
  • Make sure you give a full brief, spend time on the job description, quality candidates are attracted to a comprehensive job description as opposed to a 5-minute briefing by the consultant or from the business directly.
  • Do not wait for a long list of candidates before you start the interviewing process, it is unlikely (in the current market) that you are going to get 7-10 perfect options for your role (remember, these candidates will have multiple options on the go at any one time, therefore, even if you only see one good candidate cv, invite them in asap).
  • Make sure you sell the business and the remit; it is amazing how many clients still think recruitment is a one-way process.  It is not just about the candidate impressing the client, the client also needs to impress the candidate.  Clients will miss out on that perfect candidate if another business has done a better job of selling the opportunity.  It may not necessarily be the better role; however, quality candidates want to feel part of something and are attracted to a business culture.
  • Try not to leave a couple of weeks in-between 1st and 2nd interviews.  I appreciate that you all have day jobs, and that interviewing does take you away from your core duties however, the longer you leave time in-between interviews, the more likely it is that another business will act quickly and secure the candidate.  Also, the candidate is likely to lose interest if they have other options available.
  • Finally, if you interview a candidate that you feel is a good fit for the role and business…Offer them the job!!  Do not wait for that comparison that will make you feel better and underline your decision.  Do not delay your decision because they were ” the first candidate that we have seen”.  Sometimes if the agency is doing their job correctly, that first candidate could be the right person, and you again run the risk of losing them if you delay your decision.

Think of it from the candidate’s perspective, would you accept the offer from a client who contacts you within 24 hours of your 2nd interview to tell you how they would be delighted to have you in your business, or would you entertain the client that has left you hanging on for the last week or so as

“you were the 1st candidate through the door, and they wanted a comparison”?

This will all seem like menial and obvious observations; however, you would be surprised how many processes are conducted without addressing the basics of recruitment.  Should you implement the above criteria when sourcing your next hire, you will increase your chances of securing your preferred candidate into your business.

As we do approach financial year end, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any interim or permanent assistance over the coming weeks, whether it be a “Credit Controller” to chase up any last-minute outstanding debt or, a “Interim Year End Accountant” to help you with the statutory accounting and audit.

Thanks again for all your support throughout the last 12 months, we wish you well for the next financial year!


Dave Kissack

Business Director