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Chester Office: 01244 335 115

Warrington Office: 01925 425 952

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As a business we have used Heyland Recruitment for a number of roles over recent years. Specifically dealing with Helen and Jack for roles associated with HR, Training, Finance and Accounts. We have recently filled an Assistant Commercial Finance role with Jack’s assistance and have been really happy with the process end to end.

Jack is a relatable character and we have built a solid business relationship which has allowed us to fill positions quickly and ensure the right people are placed in the right role every time. Jack invests a lot of time in understanding the role and what we envisage the ‘right fit’ to look like, which ultimately saves us a lot of time in the long run. He is keen to share his professional advice which has really worked for us when considering what experiences we are looking for in a particular area. Equally, as hiring managers he enables us to feedback honestly and openly in order to move forward to secure a strong candidate.

Pippa Leighton

HR + Training Advisor