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5th May 2021

If you are heading back to the office where would you sit?

If you are heading back to the #office and get a chance to pick where you sit, choose wisely, say researchers who have been studying the science behind desk location and #productivity.

Window desks and more intimate, grouped desk layouts got a big thumbs-up. But sitting in a row with your back to lots of people was most unsettling.

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Staff with window desks felt more productive and focused than those sitting beside walls. Staff facing the room but with relatively few desks in their line of sight rated themselves more focused and productive, and their teams as better bonded. In comparison, staff facing the room but with lots of desks in front of them rated their work #environment less favourably.

The worst rating was by staff whose desks faced away from the main area of the room with many colleagues sitting behind them ✏️