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10th June 2019

How to prepare when interviewing for your dream role

When it comes to achieving your dream job role, many candidates put significant focus on the initial application, but many fail to recognise the importance of preparation once an interview has been secured.

Being invited to interview is only half the battle, impressing in your interview and moving onto the next stage of the recruitment process requires in-depth preparation. So how can you adequately prepare yourself for interview to boost your chance of success?



Research, research, research

Arguably one of the most important aspects when preparing for interview is research. Employers will be highly impressed if it is evident that you understand the business, what they do and who they work with. This information will likely be predominantly found on the company’s website, but a Google News search will always source useful information should the company have been mentioned.

In addition to this, we would highly recommend that you take the time to research the industry as a whole, ensuring that you are able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of how it operates as well as any recent discussions or issues facing businesses within the industry.


Review the job description

A company will have chosen to bring you in for an interview based on how well you demonstrated your experience in relation to the job description, therefore this should be one of your first port of calls when you begin preparation.

You should avoid reciting your application word for word in an interview, but instead expand upon your relevant experience and provide tangible examples of where it has been used. Above all, you want to use the job description as a basis to showcase your experience and outline why you are the best candidate for the role.


Plan your answers

There are an infinite number of resources out there that will provide the most commonly asked questions during an interview, and if you do some digging you are likely to also find job specific questions. Ensure that you have done this research and have formed well rounded responses to each.

Whilst it is impossible to predict the exact questions that will be asked during an interview, in preparing answers and examples of skills and situations that are relevant to the role, you are much more likely to convey the type of information that an interview will be looking for.

We have explored just a few of the ways in which you are able to prepare for an interview that, when followed, will almost certainly impress an interviewer. Over the years, the expert team here at Heyland Recruitment have supported countless candidates in preparing to interview for their dream job role, with amazing success.

If you are looking for your dream job role in HR, Finance or Accountancy, contact our amazing team today.