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15th July 2019

7 reasons to use a recruitment agency

For all businesses, recruitment is a crucial component to its success. Done correctly and you can build a team that will allow your business to run efficiently and ultimately allow you to take your business to that vital next step, however poor recruitment procedures will ultimately lead to an ineffective team that will hinder your growth.

Whilst many businesses have their recruitment procedures down to a fine art, there are countless others that simply don’t have the adequate resources or expert knowledge in house to navigate each stage of the recruitment process effectively. There are countless benefits for a business to use an agency to take care of the recruitment of new staff on their behalf, after careful consideration from the Heyland team, we have outlined the top seven reasons why utilising an agency is the ideal option.

  1. Time saving

It goes without saying that recruitment can take an inordinate amount of time. From placing your job description on numerous boards, sifting through applications, liaising with candidates, organising and running interviews, negotiating contracts, and countless other tasks that go hand in hand with recruiting. A recruitment agency will significantly reduce the amount of time recruiting will take you away from your core responsibilities, particularly time wasted spent liaising with and speaking to the unsuccessful candidates.

  1. Cost savings

From the cost of posting your job listings on various platforms to the cost of taking other employees away from their role to handle recruitment tasks, through to the astronomical costs associated with hiring the wrong person, hiring a recruitment agency will save your business the majority of these fees.

  1. Efficient recruitment processes

With their core focus on recruiting, using an agency is certainly a more efficient way of recruiting than carrying this out in-house. Working to best practice standards, recruiters will have the expertise and knowledge to handle the recruiting process smoothly, answering candidate queries and applications will come in much quicker for temporary positions due to their existing pool of candidates.

  1. Identifying the ideal candidates

With significant experience of recruiting for a wide variety of industries, recruiters gain insight into what to look for in the ideal candidates, from past experience to skill set, qualifications to career ambitions, they will be able to pinpoint the best of the best. In addition to this, after getting to know your business and its culture, they will also have a much greater understanding of how well an individual will fit in within your existing team.

  1. Legislative knowledge

Due to the fact that legislation seems to change on a near constant basis, business owners and managers can find it tricky to keep up to date with changes in order to ensure they are compliant. A reputable recruitment company will be completely up to date with all recruitment and employment legislation, and will keep track of forthcoming changes.

  1. Access to a wealth of candidates

Of course recruiters will have met with and supported countless candidates over their time in the industry as well as being able to access platforms that come with many more prospective candidates with the right skill set and experience.

  1. Expert advice

A recruiters in-depth knowledge of particular industries and roles mean that they are well acquainted with the expectations candidates have for a job role, in terms of salary, benefits, working hours and more, and therefore they will be able to provide informed recommendations on how you should approach the details of a role to attract the best candidates.

Are you looking for your ideal recruitment partner for upcoming vacancies? Here at Heyland, we are specialists in the recruitment of roles in the accountancy, finance and HR sectors, contact us today to find out how we can help you to source the ideal candidate.