Some positive news on the backdrop of plenty out there that feels less positive at the moment. The ongoing labour shortage seemingly still stifling productivity and thus growth across the Country, a sentiment many of our Clients are echoing. In response to this over the past few months here at Heyland we have invested significantly in our resources to gain improved access to the local talent.

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Economist Dan Ariely Is Attempting to Unlock the Hidden Investment Value of Motivated Employees.

Ariely co-founded Irrational Capital, a #financial firm based on the idea that motivated employees make companies more valuable. It has partnered with Harbor Capital to launch an exchange traded fund under the ticker HAPY.

For much of modern #capitalism#economists and #investors tended to regard labor as an undifferentiated lump. While often necessary for the running of companies, the idea was generally to use as little of it, and pay as little for it, as possible.

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More than three-quarters (78%) of those who worked from home in some capacity said that being able to work from home gave them an improved work life balance.


  • Flexibility and agility
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased staff motivation
  • Improved staff health and wellbeing
  • Financial benefit
  • Convenience
  • Better work/life balance
  • Less sickness absences


  • Working from home doesn’t suit everyone
  • Staff feeling isolated
  • Difficulty monitoring performance
  • Home distractions
  • Potential burnout
  • Cost of working from home
  • Problems with staff development
  • Information security risk
  • Decreased staff morale
  • Poor broadband speeds

Hybrid working approach…

A shift towards home working doesn’t mean employees have to work only at home. Often splitting time between home and the workplace is the most productive solution and you may want the home worker to attend meetings to keep them fully involved and informed.

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Is your job leaving you feeling fulfilled?

If not, it could be time to switch.

Life’s too short to spend it in a job that you hate.

We are pleased to announce the 2nd year anniversary of @amyjones We have had two consecutive “Excellent” appraisals from our Accountants since Amy joined, which says it all really. Thanks for all your hardwork & efforts Amy; and the constant pursuit to do things more efficiently! Regards @Andyheyland